Network Security 

As cloud technology becomes more common, we find it a bit disturbing to see that there are still so many myths about the lack of security. If it wasn’t a secure way for companies to store their data, it wouldn’t be likely that 77% of enterprises has at least one application or a portion of their enterprise computing infrastructure in the cloud. (Forbes)

Team Work

For most companies it is unlikely that they have the budget to support relying on local copies of data and software. It is also unlikely that they can staff the amount of people or enough people with proper experience to ensure that the vast amount of different technologies is covered well. Therefore, leaving your in-house staff spread entirely too thin and opening your company to vulnerabilities. One or two internal technicians can’t specialize in any one solution or service without sacrificing another. If the technicians focus is on cyber security, then it is likely the quality of the service for other services such as hardware maintenance will suffer.

Less Vulnerability Risk

Cloud security isn’t better simply because there are teams keeping an eye over servers. When all your company’s IT is stored in once place it is at a higher risk of a cyber-attack.

For example, if you have a server sitting on the same network as workstations it is at a higher risk of being compromised due to employees not having the proper training to protect themselves from phishing attacks that could lead them to downloading malware-infested files.

It is important to have employees trained to identify cyber security risks. working with cloud service providers will leave you feeling confident knowing your company is protected as their main priority is to provide clients with cloud services therefore coming equipped with all training necessary to keep your company protected.

Business Productivity

Being able to access data from anywhere in the world utilizes the same technology as developing a wall between your local network and data backups. Modern combinations of malware are designed to rapidly replicate themselves. One way to reduce the risk of having this happen to your networks is to store backups in the cloud. This is known as data redundancy and is done easiest in the cloud.

Although many people focus on how the cloud will protect you against malware it is important to cover how it can also protect you from natural and man-made disasters. In the event that servers go down, employees are still able to access their information as long as their data is stored in the cloud.

The cloud isn’t what it was years ago, improved security, customized software, platforms and many other services are now available through the cloud. Still not sure if the cloud is for you? Feel free to reach out to us with questions, no commitment required, we would be happy to help!