Connectivity and Data Security Key for Plastic Surgery Practice

Posted by Nexigen Case Studies, Phishing, Managed Services
Data should be private and easily accessible. This is a common sentiment, but it can be tough to achieve. For businesses, especially medical[...]
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How Employees Can Contribute to Cyber Security

Posted by Nexigen Phishing, Managed Services
What does a five-person operation have in common with a Fortune 500 company? Their largest security vulnerability, and most critical defense, is[...]
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Phishing Education Training: 8 things your employees should understand

  Starting a Phishing Education program can be an unpopular decision inside a company. It’s pretty common to get push back from leaders in the[...]
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What you need to know about cloud security.

  As cloud technology becomes more common, we find it a bit disturbing to see that there are still so many myths about the lack of security. If it[...]
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