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Edited: June 14, 2018
Greater Cincinnati First Smart City
Greater Cincinnati First Smart City Audio - WVXU
Innovated inside of the Nexigen innovation labs Smartlink is a Greater Cincinnati tech startup aims to make Newport Kentucky into the first “smart city” in the Midwest.
 Nexigen, a Newport-based tech company, unveiled plans for smartLINK at a Monday afternoon press conference.

Its vision for the city of Newport involves smart nodes, approximately 9-foot structures installed across the city. The nodes, which smartLINK is paying to install, will be connected with high-speed fiber optics and will emit fast wireless internet.

This wireless internet will provide Wi-Fi service, delivering data access to devices at a high speed throughout the city.  Smartlink also will be offering a canopy wireless technology with capabilities extending 30 miles from a single access point.

The company also detailed plans to provide an improved parking meter system, better waste management and better estimates for traffic flows, as well as more useful analytics for prospective businesses.

The system will also offer a portal that allows members of the community to get up-to-date information on intelligence collected through the smart-node system as well as local news.

Officials said residents can expect to see the first nodes near the Purple People Bridge in December.

Partners on this project include: