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History of technology support

Edited: June 14, 2018

In the early days of technology in the greater Cincinnati area companies were hard pressed to find technology professionals.   They had 1 of 2 options which were either hiring an IT professional/professionals or paying per hour for a technology professionals time.  This was considered the standard and over time the technology teams grew larger internally as well as the outsourced technology teams supporting the ever-increasing demand.  More and more young professionals took technology training and received technology degrees to fill this ever-growing demand.

Some of the technology needs supported in the early days were computer procurement, desktop setup, user setup and management, server installation and configuration, network setup, firewall installation, and configuration.  The demand was just growing as more information available to the organization allowed each organization to make better decisions allowing it to grow in the modern ecosystem.

So why managed services?

Managed Services in Cincinnati is just the evolution of technology support.  The standard of trading time for money was not moving in a 1 to 1 scenario.  It turned out a team of technology professionals was needed to support environments and over time the teams had more robust tools allowing smaller and smaller teams to support more and more environments.  This allowed predictable costs to exist in supporting technology environments.  So the demand of lowering the cost of technology support mandated IT companies streamline operations and offer pricing/capabilities to meet this demand.  This is how managed services were born in Cincinnati.

Below I have 2 nice graphics which explain this:

  1. We have spent a lot of time trying to simplify showcasing the cost-benefit of moving to a managed service in Cincinnati.

(Info Graphic - Cost-Benefit of managed services vs in House IT personnel)
Cincinnati Mananaged Services

2. This is how the team is designed to provide managed services? You will notice that each section has a person colored as green meaning this is a semi-private resource for a customer.  This virtual team is semi-dedicated to a customer.

(Info Graphic - How Cincinnati Managed Services works)



Does managed services mean I don’t have internal IT resources?

Absolutely not, in fact, most of our customers have an IT director on staff and sometimes teams that we support with specific components like helpdesk, development services, cloud services, security services or advanced project engineering support.

So what’s next for the Great Cincinnati industry?

Well, it turns out Nexigen is ahead of the curve on this.  From its inception, Nexigen was a CLOUD, Technology support, and Development company.  We knew that one-stop shop model would kick into high gear in the future so this blend of offerings was always in our DNA.  It turns out the rest of the industry is now trying to catch up to our standard.   We have now purchased equity into high performing software development company nimblesoft to offer even more DEV OP’s capabilities.   Most of the technology companies that we compete with cannot offer full development services, advanced cyber security services as well as the most advanced cloud services all under one roof.  This diverse skill set under one roof supporting a wide range of environments is a breeding ground for innovation.  Nexigen is now developing products which are growing faster and faster in the market.  Greater Cincinnati has been a tremendous home base for nexigen to grow its managed services practice and has allowed us to now support companies across the country.

If you are interested in learning more about Greater Cincinnati’s top managed services provider please email and someone will reach out shortly.

Nexigen offers the highest quality service in Cincinnati and tailors its managed service offering to exceed the market demands.  We value our clients and train our team to ensure you receive the best service with every interaction.


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