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Edited: June 11,2018

When web access is unrestricted, not only is the result counter-productive, it can also result in costly lawsuits.  It is obvious that users who spend time visiting inappropriate sites are wasting your company’s time and money, but the sites they choose to visit can cause additional problems.  Sites that advocate violence and the purchase of illegal weapons, illegal downloads, pornography, and other questionable sites not only expose the network to dangerous malicious code, they frequently use an inordinate amount of bandwidth.  Thus, there are many reasons to exert appropriate control over the network that is supposed to be used exclusively for the benefit of the company that pays for it.

Your business depends on electronic communication and Internet access.  Think of what it means to your success:

  • Email
  • Research
  • Access to client websites
  • Exposure to clients
  • Online ordering requirements
  • B2B contact

The list is virtually endless.  There is no way your business could survive without an electronic relationship with the rest of the cyberspace world.  However, there are serious issues that cannot be ignored including:

  • Trojans, viruses, phishing, and other electronic nastiness
  • Hacking
  • Denial of Service (DoS) attacks
  • Network infiltration
  • Unauthorized access to prohibited sites
  • Employee misconduct and abuse

Eliminate the Negative, Accentuate the Positive

Is there a way to eliminate the negative and accentuate the positive?  Absolutely!  The process is called web filtering.  Not only can Nexigen and Sonicwall protect your business, you can keep up with everything that happens, so you can plan accordingly, and control your work environment.  How is this possible?

Policy-Based Access

By looking at filtering from a granular, policy-based perspective, web access can be controlled in a meaningful way without restricting necessary access.  A powerful, smart, real-time gateway takes care of problems before they happen.  That means that individuals accessing the network don’t have to worry about incoming email or inadvertent access to dangerous websites.  Part of the approach includes making sure every piece of hardware that accesses the network is properly shielded with the most up-to-date protective software.  P2P and IM access is also controlled, and the entire network is protected from unauthorized access by providing a single sign-on for all users.

Filtering that Works For You

Nexigen can implement a variety of tools and controls that allow you to create a network that works for you.  Your company will be able to craft policies that will address the issues that face every company that communicates in cyberspace.  Your users will be able to work without interference.  You can rest assured that those who work on the network will not be able to cause any harm whether intentional or not.  Other pieces of the strategy puzzle include keyword blocking, control of specified types of files, intelligent URL parsing, and a 56 category database that can be manipulated to meet your network’s unique needs.

Comprehensive Management & Reporting

One of the most critical components of any system that is designed to control a network is the ability to access information pertaining to that system.  Unless threats, vulnerabilities, and information about usage is provided to management, it is extremely difficult to keep that system fully functioning and strong in its ability to keep the network available and safe.  Run granular reports summarizing Web access details. Both real-time and historical reports can be easily customized and delivered in a variety of formats. In addition to comprehensive graphical reports, users also can take advantage of "at-a-glance" reporting.


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