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Cyber Security on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.

Edited: June 11,2018

If you touch the Internet in any way, you are a potential target. Even if you don't, you are still vulnerable to anyone coming in contact with your system. Whether sensitive data is stolen or destroyed, the effect is the same: your business is harmed.

The bad guys have an ever-morphing arsenal of weapons designed to infiltrate and do damage. Whether it is the latest Trojan horse, virus, spyware, or hijacking program, electronic criminals have nothing better to do with their time than think of new ways to get your attention. Hackers spend countless hours trolling for vulnerabilities and pounce with ferocity when they find one.

Without a proper security system in place, vulnerabilities are usually not recognized until someone exploits them. Why not have trusted experts find any leaks or weaknesses before the worst happens to you? Nexigen offers a wide range of security services to organizations of all sizes. We can provide simple security solutions - such as monitoring devices and generating alerts - or completely manage the entire security environment: configuration, deployment, and response.

Virus & Spyware Removal

No matter how much attention the average company pays to security and virus prevention, malicious programs will find their way onto your machines, slow them down, create privacy issues and destroy your irreplaceable data. When disaster strikes, strike back. Call Nexigen. We will get everything back to normal. Once we have regained control of your network, we can develop a solution that will stop it from happening again. That is where network security and firewalls become important.

Network Security & Advanced Firewalls

To ensure your private data remains private, our technicians can evaluate, recommend, and install firewalls, other high-tech security devices, and software that can handle any type of malicious program. Don't let your files fall prey to hackers and mischievous employees. Protect your assets with help from Nexigen.

Nexigen's extensive experience in the area of security, combined with constant monitoring of developing threats, enables us to offer comprehensive protection services that are continuously updated. We can evaluate, recommend, install, and maintain web and email content filtering systems. We offer intrusion detection prevention and systems as well as VPN implementation. We do what it takes to protect what is yours.

Access Control Policy Management

The purpose of any network is to accomplish tasks that support your company’s mission.  In order for that to happen, employees must be able to access the network when it was necessary.  If access is not controlled, the result will be the destruction of the network and the compromise of data.  The access control infrastructure of Windows has the capacity to control access, monitor system security, and ensure that business is taken care of with minimal risk.

Using a combination of individuals and groups with shared access and characteristics, no one will be able to touch any part of the network without justification. For those who need information but have no reason to alter it, read-only access would be sufficient. Others might have to modify specific records, but such access would be limited to only those areas that were appropriate. Nexigen knows that every individual and every point of access is a potential vulnerability. Each instance, each individual needs to be considered before granting any permission if security is going to be maintained.

Mobile Phone, Tablet, and Miscellaneous Device Protection

It does not matter if an electronic device is owned by the company or the employee. Any device that comes into contact with the unprotected universe and then connects to your network endangers your network. Chances are, company proprietary information will find its way to these devices. Nexigen understands this. Our experts will work with you to develop a comprehensive yet flexible policy that will keep your network safe without comprising legitimate uses of such equipment.

Nexigen will work with management to design security policies for a variety of mobile phone platforms including Blackberry, Android, & iPhone. Tablets and other devices will be considered when deciding what can and cannot have access to the company network. Protection against malicious software should be installed on any device that might qualify for access to the network. Procedures should be in place to wipe a device clean in the event it is no longer under control of the owner.

Ultimately, Nexigen makes sure that every point of access to the network must be controlled. This requires constant monitoring, updating and upgrading of the entire network and areas of vulnerability. That is Nexigen's expertise. We worry so you don't have to.


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