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Edited: June 14, 2018

Repetition is fine for learning a language, but it is a waste of time when it results in duplication of effort in business. It costs money, but there is no benefit.  Not only that, it can be frustrating for employees who know what they are doing is of questionable value. The solution is centralization.  What was once a daunting challenge is now within reach because of the development of computers and automated management systems.

Nexigen offers a wide variety of solutions that are designed to meet the needs of your unique company. Whether you prefer to maintain local control and keep everything on site because you have no employees who travel, or you want to take full advantage of the cloud, you will find the solutions you want. The plans are flexible, and you are able to change plans as your company's needs evolve.

Nexigen has selected Google Apps for Business and Microsoft Office 365 in order to provide clients with the tools they need to succeed. Regardless of where you are, you can control all aspects of your business. Calendars and files of all kinds can be shared around the world depending on the needs of your company. Because you can opt for only those licenses you require, you don't waste your company's valuable financial resources.

Because everything is located at a central site, security is more effectively regulated. Whether the site is at your place of business or ours, we do what it takes to secure what you need to make your business run. Backups in another geographical location mean your precious documents and data are safe from catastrophic loss. Google Security by Postini means you can be confident that your need for security is being respected.

Your company will be able to take advantage of programs like Google Talk and PC-to-PC calling at no additional charge which allows you to control voice and carrier costs. Office 365 is fully integrated with Windows Phone, the iPhone and iPad, Android-based phones, Symbian, and Blackberry devices.

Nothing is gained by wasting resources and increasing the cost of ownership. By streamlining the use of resources, they can be used more efficiently. The job gets done. It is just less expensive so that resources can be dedicated to improving the company and moving it in a more positive direction.


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