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Non-profits have special considerations that pertain to how they do their job.  Money is always tight, yet there is a need for professional products to manage the business of helping people.  If anything, efficiency is more critical for a non-profit, but the common wisdom is that efficiency costs money.  It doesn’t have to.  Nexigen will work with your non-profit to create a set of hardware and software tools that will make your charity hum for less than you might imagine.

We have the experience needed to create a trim combination of products that will let you do what you do best and do it as inexpensively as possible.  We take pride in working with charities and want to give you what you absolutely have to have without it costing an arm and a leg.  We offer the best quality and flexible pricing and service options.

A charity is a business like any other, and we remember that when we design the system that will fulfill your requirements in a cost-effective way.  You will want to take a good look at Microsoft Office products, Sage accounting products and Blackbaud's non-profit management and fundraising software, The Raisers Edge (often misspelled The Razors Edge).  This unique program helps you manage your donors and fundraising activities.
Like any other business, you want to be able to work with those who support your charitable endeavors.  You want to maintain their privacy as well as the privacy of the recipients of your services.  There are laws and regulations that all charities must conform to in order to maintain a tax-exempt status.  We will work together so we can better understand your needs.  That way, you will get the best product for the money you spend.  That leaves more funds for the people you are dedicating your time and effort to serving.

As a charity, your organization must conform to the requirements of the IRS in order to maintain its 501(c)(3) standing.  We will work with you to make sure you have complete control over the process of your charity, so you will not encounter any unnecessary roadblocks.  That lets you concentrate on your charitable works rather than being bogged down by the details.  That’s because we handle the details, which lets you handle the task at hand.