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Edited: June 7, 2018

Mobile devices have become an integral part of the business world. Smartphones, especially, are very useful in providing employees with an easy, convenient way of accessing the company network. Employees are able to accomplish tasks even though they are not able to get to the office. It is part of their success – and yours.

When remote devices regularly access the company network, utilizing the cloud is the most effective way to make that possible. The cloud provides the ability to do work from a remote location and the level of protection necessary to protect the network. By developing a suite of software tools dedicated to the creation of a safe, reliable cloud, employees can take full advantage of this environment to do their work anywhere in the world.

There are many ways to communicate with each other and the network. By uniting all methods of communication with all of the tools and data, the system operates as a single unit focused on accomplishing one goal - making the business run smoothly.


Going mobile has many benefits. It is the wave of the future.  There are many jobs that can be done from a remote location thus reducing the need for expensive office space. Some employees might work from home, or complete offices might be set up in areas where office space costs significantly less. Offices that don't exist don't need to be heated and cooled or lit, for that matter, so the power bill is reduced. This not only saves money, it increases employee satisfaction, and that means a more productive workforce.


Security is always an issue. By incorporating remote access as part of the business plan, security becomes emphasized instead of just an often overlooked part of the work environment. With a focus on maintaining network security, the overall security of the network is enhanced, and the company can take full advantage of this method of communication and network access.

Remote access increases the ability of employees to accomplish tasks that would be impossible on site. The company will be able to grow in new directions as employees become more sophisticated in their use of smartphones and tablets. Nexigen can help you identify the best way to do this all the while keeping the network safe from unauthorized intrusion.


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