Posted by Nexigen Nexigen Press Room

Sep 24, 2015

When it comes to breaking molds, Allie Krauss is unfazed. After all, it's become old hat for the girl who graduated HS a year early, the result of a home school education that challenged her to blast through the curriculum and search for her next adventure.

That next adventure led her to the East Village and SoHo neighborhoods of New York City where she helped tech startups with admin and finance duties by day, and explored the expansive and eclectic art scene by night and weekends.

So engaged in that art scene was she that, having a simultaneous blend of being laid-back and ambitious, she embarked on a part-time role of Arts Scene publisher. Taking on this relatively Herculean effort, she engaged poets, writers, performance artists, photographers and canvass/sketch artists with a print publication that promoted their works.

Allie is a walking dichotomy. She has an Elvis tattoo but her favorite singer is Roy Orbison. She likes Andy Warhol as an art "character" but prefers Egon Schiele sketches over Warhol's works. She's hip and edgy... and into accounting and well-run operations.

But there are certainly consistencies as well. Aside from the internal Pressley/Orbison struggle, she can always count on Old Country, Americana and Singer/Songwriter genres to move and groove her. She'll even take that music love out for some karaoke fun from time to time with old friends… and potentially new ones.

And while not everyone counts Lovecraft's Mountains of Madness or David Foster Wallace's The Pale King as their latest reads, most everyone would instantly find themselves at ease hanging out with Allie Krauss, Nexigen's new Finance Manager.