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Edited: June 5, 2018

It would be irresponsible to fail to have a disaster recovery plan. It is prudent planning to build data protection and business continuity into your technology environment. To not do so would be not only to invite disaster but also to significantly increase the chances your business might not have the resources to recover. A powerful disaster recovery plan can significantly reduce the damage, get you up and running fast, and ensure you will return to normal as quickly as possible. Nexigen handles the data recovery portion of your overall disaster recovery plan.

The foundation of any meaningful disaster recovery plan is a strong approach to creating a backup of everything that matters to your company. If the backup is inadequate, there will be no recovery.

Designing a Backup Strategy

For smaller companies that do not continuously change and make adjustments to data like an online merchandiser might, a once-a-day backup might be sufficient. This would mean that files were secure and easily accessible in the event of any kind of failure. In the event of something as simple as the inadvertent deletion of a single file, an employee could access that file and easily retrieve it. Conversely, if the entire network failed, Nexigen could take your company from bare metal to fully functioning in virtually no time at all.

Nexigen solutions are the answer for companies that want advanced technology utilized to ensure they have no downtime, no chance of data loss and every opportunity to recover from a minor network hiccup.  In all honesty, who can afford to miss an email, have a website go down or not be able to communicate with customers?  Your customers demand instant and insightful communication, so it is technology’s job to ensure it happens!   At Nexigen, we utilize cloud services, in-house developed services and intelligent solutions giving your internal corporate infrastructure the robustness of the larger enterprises.

Nexigen takes an in-depth look at your current processes and technologies as well as business needs/wants and develops a baseline.  Once the baseline is completed, Nexigen will deliver a total data protection solution utilizing best-of-breed products which match your environment and business needs.

  • Instant local onsite recovery of files or servers.
  • Multiple Point in Time snapshot services
  • Continuous offsite replication
  • Scheduled replication onsite and off
  • Advanced storage devices/services
  • Business continuity services for data, email, and communications
  • Full disaster recovery appliances, applications, and services

Nexigen's number one goal is to ensure your data & IT infrastructure is back up and running with minimal disruption.

Full Protection

No matter what kind of data your business uses, we can protect it.  Documents, video and audio files, images and graphics, POS (point-of-sale) files, financial and accounting files, databases, and any other kinds of files your business generates can be backed up. Management can review company-wide data, the backup schedule, and status.  Files that have not been included in a backup are identified.  While files are backed up automatically, there is a manual backup feature, as well.

Available Fail-Over Capability

Nexigen can create a complete “picture” of our customer’s networks and everything it contains.  Because of this, we are able to offer failover to a virtual server in the event of a system failure whether partial or complete.  Failover means that any part of a system that becomes non-operational can be handled by the backup operational component.  We provide a virtual converter which transforms the backup image to a virtual machine.  The system is automated which means it comes online when there is an interruption in function or service.

If there is a loss of power or some other sudden emergency that temporarily takes your company down, this approach will let you function while you restore your network.  This is one way we protect you.

If your company suffers a complete disaster that requires time that will adversely impact your business, we can recreate your network in a different location. While your facilities are being repaired, you will be able to carry on with your business activities with only a brief interruption. Once you return to your permanent location, we will help you re-establish your network quickly and efficiently.

Feel Confident In Your Backup

At Nexigen, we know our customers feel confident their data is secure and protected at all times. We like it when our customers are worry-free because of the hard work we put in.  We keep your critical data safe and ready. Whatever you need to get going again, we'll make the process as simple and painless as possible.


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