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Investment in innovation

Edited: June 19, 2018

About 1 year ago My business partner @ Nexigen and I were approached by a super intelligent and highly energetic individual Trevor Holekamp about a possible investment.  The investment was into carbon fiber manufacturing company BEAST CARBON.

Let's add a little context to this story:

I have pondered a long time about why innovation exists and where it exists.   I also like to ask why it exists in the places that it is prominent.  It seems that silicon valley has long been known as a valley of innovation.  This really has come from a couple factors in my opinion.

1. Having a robust diversity of thought.  Silicon Valley is a destination location meaning that people from many cultures end up moving here.  This breeds a lot of diversity in thought with all the different backgrounds.

2. Accessibility to diversity in technology.  Most regions around the world have core focuses in specific technologies.  When it comes to productizing or coming up with an evolutionary improvement you really need to have manufacturing skills with silicon, metal, composites, and software development repositories all in the same region.  Without this close communication, it is hard to get rapid prototyping done and to stay current and competitive.

Nexigen saw ourselves as great with technology systems as well as software development with our equity purchase of nimblesoft but for our grand design to create new technology we needed to add manufacturing into our stable of companies.   That's exactly what beast carbon offered and we chose to invest in the ability to innovate.

Beast Carbon Today

Today beast carbon is a smaller manufacturer who focuses on composite materials such as carbon fiber.   The company really has two divisions from the beginning with one being retail (Online sales of carbon fiber products) and the other being contract manufacturing.   Nexigen's marketing team has been helping beast carbon with the first to sell more rain guards, window visors, and window deflectors direct to consumer and sales are improving every week.

The second way the companies are interacting is on our new smart city initiative intelligent kiosks.  Beast carbon has been contracted to lead the build along with some engineers as well as facilitate assembly.  During this process, we realized how cool it would be to have carbon fiber on our kiosks (Nodes). Now that we have gone through this process, we are finding new and exciting ways to work carbon fiber for even more application.  This will drive Nexigen, beast carbon and Nimblesoft to keep creating as the opportunity is too large not to.

Jon Salisbury and JJ Schaffer see this investment as a long-term one with huge upside.  Once we get over the hump on product sales, innovation will be coming out of this grouping of companies faster and faster.   We hope to lead the region in innovation by setting up our investments in a very strategic way.

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