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Edited: June 14, 2018

"The Cloud" may be today's technology buzz-word but Nexigen has been creating, managing, and leading the change to virtualized environments for over 8 years.

Since the beginning, humans have found it necessary to record and preserve information they believed was important.  From ancient cave paintings to the development of paper and the invention of the printing press, the move has been toward efficiency, access, and permanence.

With the advent of computers and electronic medium, documents used less space, with the use of external media like CDs and flash drives, information could be shared between computers.  Drives were joined in numerous configurations to meet the needs of sophisticated power users.  As hardware administration became more complicated, the costs of maintaining the equipment and the personnel required to do these difficult tasks became increasingly more expensive.

Today, virtualization and the cloud represent the next monumental leap forward in the control and sharing of vast volumes of critical data.  Rooms that once held banks of servers cabled together have been replaced by boxes that can house numerous drives thereby simplifying their management.  Redundancy is built in thus ensuring maximum protection of data.

Organizations with multiple servers benefit from such a configuration.  From a small business with a Microsoft Exchange server, terminal server, and file server as well as large companies with numerous servers, all can benefit from this technology.

The Nexigen Advantage

Since 2003, Nexigen has been helping our clients implement and maintain their virtualized environments.  We are both Microsoft and VmWare certified partners and have multiple MSTS & VPC certified professionals on staff.  Our commitment to excellence in training and certifications means you can expect the best in support and service.  This gives you the confidence in your servers you need so you can, in turn, pass that promise of service on to your clients.  We offer a wide variety of virtualization solutions to meet the unique needs of your company including the most popular cloud software: VmWare OS, Microsoft Virtual Server OS, Citrix, and 2X.

Our virtualization strategies come in many different flavors and are selected based on each client’s particular needs, structure and size.  We work with our customers to help them understand all the options.  When we understand what our customers are trying to accomplish, we can design a solution that will meet those needs yet be flexible enough to accommodate future expansion.


Companies that want to control and protect their own hardware can choose on-premise services.  The hardware is physically located at your place of business.  We provide the know-how, migration, management and backup services needed to ensure your data is always accessible, and your system is always available.

Private Cloud

We also offer private cloud hosting.  We provision dedicated hardware that resides in our data center – in the cloud – so to speak.  If any of your employees work off-site, we are able to offer the speed and reliability needed to make that experience more productive.  This is because our facility is equipped with the most powerful resources available.  Benefits include rapid deployment, increased availability, simple setup, and easy migration for all parts of the system.

Fractional Cloud

The fractional cloud, another tailored solution, meets the needs of companies that don’t want to make a major investment in hardware and software and want all the virtues of virtualization.  Nexigen’s equipment hosts your data and provides your company with services and protection.  Again, deployment is rapid, and service is available on demand.  You use what you need, and we can increase those resources as you need them.  You’re in the system, so it’s easy to scale up when you’re ready.

Flexible License Delivery

Fractional and private cloud customers can take advantage of our Microsoft & VmWare licensing arrangements which offer licenses at a convenient monthly rate based on usage.  The benefits include:

  • No commitment, billing is based on usage which can go up and down as needed
  • No upfront payment which allows customers to get started immediately
  • Upgrade rights are included, always keep up to date with the latest versions

Storage Virtualization

Storage virtualization is a critical part of any system that works with data on any level.  Users must be able to access the data, reliably, regardless of the hardware configuration.  The ultimate goal is to create what appears to be a single, seamless “box” that appears to be one logical unit.

Network-Attached Storage (NAS) is one approach.  Data, stored at the file level, can be retrieved in a way that is not dependent on where the files are physically stored.  This allows hardware management to be handled in the most efficient way possible because it is an isolated component dedicated to data storage and retrieval.  A Storage Area Network (SAN) is similar to NAS with respect to the idea of data storage being united as a single unit, but the implementation is different.

NAS uses a TCP/IP network configuration incorporating ATM, FDDI, and Ethernet.  It relies on TCP/IP and NFS/CIFS/HTTP protocols.  SAN uses Fibre Channel and Encapsulated SCSI.  If speed is a prime consideration, SAN has the advantage of the Encapsulated SCSI protocol which, for the time being, offers a faster throughput, 600-800 Mbps versus 1000 Mbps.

Once the data unit is defined, it can be accessed by users in several ways.  A completely functional PC, a bare-bones PC, or a dedicated terminal can be used.  This is especially beneficial for large-scale deployment.  A company no longer has to invest in hundreds of PCs and a complete suite of software for each.

Dell Enterprise Storage Virtualization is the Dell solution to the expense of hardware, software, and storage administration.  Using storage virtualization techniques, management can be streamlined, and costs can be reduced.


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