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Edited: June 18, 2018 

Discover, Assess, and Deliver in the best way to help you determine how the cloud can benefit your company.

Nexigen will find out if your business is ready for the cloud.

Nexigen’s proven cloud discovery process will ensure you find out if you are ready.   Created by Nexigen, this discovery assessment is designed to help organizations understand and take FULL advantage of the cloud.

Nexigen combines industry best practices and the most experience in the industry to review your company multiple ways with no gimmicks.  This helps you understand how the cloud can benefit your company.

Microsoft Office 365 Readiness Assessment

Discover your organization with a 360-degree view

  • Your organizational Goals - Will the cloud keep your users up and running and add increased productivity? Can the cloud help you reach new customers? Will the cloud streamline your sales process?
  • Your Organizational Financial Goals - Will the cloud help lower your Capital expenditure? Will it reduce your existing and future operational costs? What does the return on investment look like?
  • Enhance your technology Goals - Will the cloud integrate with your existing systems? Do you need to rewrite your current applications?? Can your team provide support to the cloud?

Assess the results and match to Office 365

  • Microsoft's Office 365 Readiness Tools - These tools help determine if your infrastructure is ready for a migration to the cloud.
  • Business Cloud Assessment - Does a move to the cloud make sense for your business or should you stay on-premise? We will engage in discussion, evaluate your situation and work with you to decide if your organization is ready for the cloud and can support it long term.
  • Licensing / Financial Assessment - Do you qualify for programs that would provide a discount to your organization? How does a cloud migration impact your current licensing strategies? What costs would be eliminated with a move to the cloud? What costs would be added?
  • End User / Training services Assessment - Every user is different. We review the different types of users in your environment and pair them with the best possible cloud solution.  What training will need to be delivered?
  • Security Assessment – Nexigen Security engineers ensure you are fully protected in the cloud.  Controls and policies will need to be created and enforced for your organization.

Deliver the solution right for your business

  • Cloud Selection – Which cloud best suites your business.
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment - Results, detailed analysis for business.
  • Financial analysis – Licensing, Operation Expenditure analyses, and Capital expense forecasts.  Our spreadsheet format to allow you to work through your own scenarios, including long-term support and management.
  • Statement of Work - Steps and costing for a migration to the platform that is the best fit for your organization.

Nexigen Solutions Quick Facts:

  • Nexigen has moved more than 50 customers to Office 365.
  • Nexigen has moved over 8000 mailboxes to office 365
  • Nexigen employs 35 Microsoft certified engineers
  • Full development support / Sharepoint customization with our sister company

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