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Edited: June 18, 2018

Nexigen provides one of the first Hybrid Data Centers in Greater Cincinnati!

Nexigen + Azure gives you true flexibility and on-demand access to Microsoft’s cloud computing resources as well as Nexigen’s private cloud computing. With Nexigen + Azure, you can quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters as well as Nexigen’s private cloud.  All of this is accomplished through the same interface. This unique approach supports a deployment model that allows you to provision more power or upgrade your application without any downtime. Nexigen + Azure is always up and always on. The flexibility is limited only by your imagination since Nexigen + Azure enables the use of any language, framework, or tool to build applications and then run them on Windows or Linux based platforms. Enterprise-ready scalability means access to unlimited server resources and unlimited storage.

Are you ready to explore Azure’s possibilities today? Contact Nexigen and we can take you through our cloud readiness program. This program helps identify which workloads are ready to be moved to Nexigen, Azure and which ones will really take advantage of the flexibility of the deployment and cost models – not all will!  That’s why Nexigen is the only agnostic cloud provider in the region.

Popular Solutions:


What are companies really using Azure for?

Pier 1 Imports:

Operating over 1,000 stores aims to be their customers’ neighborhood store for furniture and home décor. They recently launched a multi-year, Omni-channel strategy called “1 Pier 1” with a key goal being to understand their customers better and serve them with a more personalized experience across all interactions and touch points with the Pier 1 brand.  Pier 1 had a Microsoft partner build an Azure ML solution to predict what a customer’s future product preferences might be and how they would like to purchase and receive these products. To quote Eric Hunter, Executive VP of Marketing at Pier 1 Imports: Deepening our customer relationship is important to us. Gaining better insight into our data enables us to be there for her when, how and where she wants to shop, and with predictive analytics, we can invite her back to shop by featuring a product we know she’ll love. Whatever the medium may be, a more personalized message will likely encourage her to visit Pier 1 Imports again sooner… During this test phase, we have been able to improve the accuracy of predicting which product might speak to her next by more than 40 percent. Historically, translating data into great, usable information has been rather slow. Now we can reduce that time to a matter of days.

Andrew Laudato, CIO at Pier 1, had this to say:
Pier 1 Imports is helping prove Microsoft can take something as complex as advanced predictive data analytics and machine learning and make it accessible via the cloud. We are especially pleased that our analysts can focus on the results and not worry about the complex algorithms that are used to generate this data. We are extremely pleased with how quickly the team was able to get to meaningful results during this project. We enjoyed working with MAX451 – Pier 1 Imports is pleased with the results of working with a small and nimble partner.

GE Healthcare Delivers Core Customer Solutions on the Microsoft Cloud:

GE Healthcare, a division of General Electric, provides transformational medical technologies and services that are shaping a new age of patient care. The company wanted a more flexible, scalable platform for delivering applications to healthcare providers worldwide rely on. To meet its goals, it pursued a cross-platform cloud strategy and decided to deploy multiple applications on Microsoft Azure.

Major Benefits

  • Testing and Development on Azure is a breeze – Need to have a number of developers pounding on the same code at the same time? Need to ensure that the new code can live up to live expectations? Azure is a perfect solution, while client’s do not need this power year round, just in release cycles. Spin up the solution in Azure – test away and then turn it off until the next release cycle – saving thousands of dollars.
  • Power down during non-use - Businesses have become efficient at spinning up new virtual machines. However, they are rarely as efficient with spinning down an unused or underutilized virtual machine. Nexigen + Azure makes keeping track of workloads by subscription ID a breeze. The subscriptions can then be charged back to the right department or project. Visibility drives accountability.
  • Truly worldwide reach – Businesses have more remote users working offsite every day. Businesses need the ability to put computing power close to the users while simultaneously keeping that computing power safe, secure, and redundant. Nexigen + Azure gives our clients the power to choose the location of their workloads locally or in Microsoft data centers around the world.
  • Speed up your business – Stop waiting for servers to ship.  Don’t purchase equipment which you won’t need off seasonal peak.   Azure makes moving new compute and memory a matter of minutes vs weeks of shipping, big capital expenditures, and complex setups.

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