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Edited: June 14, 2018

There are things your company requires in order to exist.  The goal is to meet those needs in the best way possible.  Unless you understand the details of the system in place, the problems you encounter will prove to be more and more difficult to handle.  We take the time to discover everything we can about your company’s IT systems and what you have in place right now.

What Nexigen does is listen to your employees and learn about your company and the way it does business. There’s no point in our developing an exceptional plan that doesn’t respond to your company’s needs.  That’s why we listen.


One of the first things Nexigen does after evaluating your network in depth is make sure existing documentation reflects everything that is happening on the network.  At that point, the documentation will be updated where necessary.  If there is no documentation, it will be created.  Above all, the documentation will be practical.  It serves no useful purpose if it is disorganized for overcomplicated.  When completed, the documentation will be available to management, so plans for future growth can be built on the basis of the current network.

Once documented, it is important to keep it up-to-date, so any changes that are made will be included in the documentation.  By keeping track of failures and solutions, it will be easier to identify future issues.  You would be surprised at how often even basic information is not documented.  For instance, facts about the server are essential.  Otherwise, how will anyone know how to maintain the system properly if the maintenance schedule and requirements are not recorded.  At the very least, information regarding the server should include:

  • Name/IP address
  • Disk configuration
  • OS/Service pack
  • Purchase information including warranty and contact
  • Function
  • Change log
  • Maintenance schedule and procedures
  • Responsible individual(s)

Disaster Recovery Planning

Without documentation, there is no disaster recovery planning.  Without disaster recovery planning, there is no way for your company to survive in the event of a complete or even partial system failure.  While it is important for your company to do everything possible to avoid disaster, the most critical thing that needs to be done is to create a plan that can be followed should the unthinkable occur.

There should be a contingency for every conceivable possibility.  The more you consider, the more likely it will be that something in your plan will save the day.  There is no way to include everything that could happen because some things will be missed, but the more plans you have, the more like it is that it will be possible to get back to normal.

Disaster Recovery Planning sometimes referred to as a Business Continuity Plan, should be created concurrently with the development of IT security and risk management processes.  In addition to creating and implementing selected policies and procedures, it is critical that such plans be tested at regular intervals.  Such testing serves two purposes.  First, it provides the needed practice to make sure it can be carried out properly and, second, it provides an opportunity to make sure that as needs change, the plan responds to these changes.

Compliance & Security Audits

Keeping up with current legislation with respect to audits is a full-time job in itself.  Your company has a legal obligation to comply, and unintentional omissions can result in fines or worse.  That is where Nexigen comes in.  That is our job.  We devote the time necessary to completely understand these complex regulations and make sure your company does what is necessary to meet your obligations.  Not only can we ensure a deep understanding of the regulations, it is more cost effective to let Nexigen take care of this aspect of your business.  You would be surprised how much more expensive it is to do it yourself.  Whether you are a government agency, non-profit, or a standard business, we can make sure your system is set up to be compliant.  We also meet your security objectives.  All this is done in a cost-effective way that means you get the most for your money.  We are able to assist with:

  • Sarbanes-Oxley / SOX-404

Standards & Best Practices

Once we understand the nature and function of your unique business, Nexigen takes what it knows about industry standards, security, and regulations and applies it to your business.  That means administrative and management policies will be developed that will allow your company to thrive and prosper while working within the framework of existing regulations.  Executives and employees, alike, will be interviewed in order to gain an in-depth understanding of how your company is functioning.  We will explain what needs to be done in a clear, concise fashion, so there will be no confusion.

There are other areas that need your attention including IP addressing standards and management, naming conventions and DNS/DHCP assignments and software version control and management.  Standard configurations and upgrade scheduling and procedures are also addressed.


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