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Digitally generated server room with many towers

Edited: June 7, 2018


Welcome to Cincinnati's leading digital forensics company.  Nexigen offers a full range of computer & mobile device computer forensic services to law firms, insurance companies, corporations, and CPA firms. In a digital investigation time matters. Nexigen’s systematic approaches for the discovery and handling of electronic data reduce the time, cost, and risk associated with managing investigations involving electronic data.

Bringing together data analysis techniques with the most advanced software and hardware and by using advanced investigative techniques, we can identify, seize, analyze, and preserve information located on computers, company networks, and mobile devices.

Nexigen utilizes best of breed software and tools to respond, collect, preserve, and analyze digital data to uncover the digital footprints leading up to the incident, even against those that would seek to hide their trail.

We pay special attention to preserving the chain of evidence.  Should the need for your evidence be required in a court of law rest assured that from the time of collection to submission and testimony in court we have deployed court-tested and defensible methods every step of the way?

Our Cincinnati-based digital forensic investigators analyze the data so that accurate conclusions can be made in court, not only identifying the indicators of the event but also interpreting those indicators and preserving them in evidentiary fashion.  Our expertly-crafted documentation and conclusions are presented and explained in easy to understand laymen's terms.

Nexigen's Digital Forensics Team Can Investigate:

  • Computer Misuse
  • Acceptable Use Violations
  • Court Appointed Examinations
  • Data Deletion or Wiping
  • Defensible Data Collection
  • Employee Misconduct Investigations
  • Social Media Investigations
  • Workplace Harassment
  • Theft of Intellectual Property
  • Expert Witness Testimony

At A Glance

  • Certified, Full-Time Staff
  • 24x7 Evidence Collection
  • Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)
  • Certified Computer Forensic Examiner (CCFE)
  • Lab meets ASCLD/LAB Standards
  • Full Chain Of Custody
  • To learn more about Nexigen's security services follow this link:


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